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It's Crown Love Natural Hair Coloring Book

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

As a creative I'm always thinking of ways to bringing thought, beauty, relaxation and travel into the same space. I desired something interactive that would bring we humans down childhood memories. I remembered enjoying coloring as a child and today as an adult and a Natural Hair Care Specialist, I love natural hair. I had to Think of what I could do to bridge that gap and have some fun. Who doesn't like to have fun? Who doesn't like to color? Who doesn't love to relax? Okay, if coloring isn't your thing go find that thing and enjoy it. We creatives love a good coloring book. These beautiful cultivated pages of mandala drawings will inspire thought and relaxation. Presenting something of such a deep connection to the Motherland... Alkebulan with beautiful images of black and brown women of color warmed my heart. Lovely images of women with long interwining locs, afros, twist, braids and head wraps allows you to flow with thought of which color to choose to create the look that stands out. Encouraging our standard of beauty to be apart of all things and people no matter who they are or their background. Our beauty isn't less than but one set with great admiration and adoration. Each page is filled with images of self love, self worth, inner and outer beauty. You are simply gorgeous! Allow no one to tell you any different! If you would like to order your own Crown Love Natural Hair Coloring Book click the link here...

~The Curlology


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