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This course is 28 videos with a LIFE TIME ACCESS of DIY Basic Natural Hair How To's.  This informative and knowledge driven course is for the novice to the savvy who wants to make sure they are doing everything they can to maintain their natural tresses between salon visits.  This course helps those with foundation what, when, how and why of maintenance and styling to build upon to product knowledge.  You will learn the basics of Silk Press, Color, Product knowledge, and Protective Styling.  These courses were created by a licensed cosmetologist who wanted to answer the questions so many clients over the years had repeated concerns and questions regarding natural hair.  Once you purchase this collective course of 28 videos, it given with complete access for a lifetime.  You will be able to go back and review over and over at your leisure. Click on the link above to purchase this course for you and/or a friend!  HAPPY LEARNING!

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