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Loving Your Natural Tresses

Updated: May 17, 2022

In the seventeen plus years I've been in the natural hair care arena, I've been privileged to witness the overwhelming love of black and brown women and their relationship with their hair. Seeing them go through the emotions that go along with the uncertainty of how they would look and feel about their hair and it's texture gave me joy. It was liking to releasing layers of internal oppression to an external visual oppression connecting them to who the would wanted us to be in order to make the world feel comfortable with who black women are.

Being in a space where black women had to relearn who they truly are, was apart of removing the layers. No relaxer, no more chemicals to coverup what TMH has given to us naturally. Nothing is wrong with whatever anyone wants to do with their hair. However, with decades of chemically treating our hair to "fit in" gave understanding to countless black women they no longer had to conform.

There is not many things on this earth that has given me as much joy as to see my fellow sisters learn to embrace what naturally grows out of their scalp. So many had to learn for the first time since childhood how to care for and love their tresses. It takes a gently approach learning what is best for your particular texture. One thing is for sure black women have discovered not one texture is alike, like our finger print. It's individualized yet collectively the same. This also means going through a ton of product to find the one or two that works best for them. I call that your wear and spare products. The years of self discovery, it has been a joy to see countless black and brown women truly embrace themselves fully.

What I would advise anyone embarking on this adventure of "becoming natural," is to take your time. You will be frustrated. You might cry. You will want to cut if all off. You will fall in love with you and your hair. You will figure out you have unlimited possibilities unlike before. You will learn not to covet how someone's hair curls, their length or thickness but learn how your hair moves, dances, conforms and shows up for you. No matter what... Love your natural tresses and to hell with what the world thinks.

~The Curlology


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